First class coffee from Flores - Indonesia
First class coffee from Flores - Indonesia


Tuang Coffee was established in 2014 to focus in collaboration with local farmers. We produce high-quality coffee by applying sustainable and ethical sourcing. Partnering directly with the farmers makes us more aware and responsive about anything happening at the farm level, because our goal is to consistently improve our coffee quality by not neglecting our farmers' livelihood.

As a coffee producer in Flores, we run a processing facility for specialty and commercial coffee, we provide pre-finance to our farmers, so every farmer still has secure income, even not in the harvest season.

Tuang Coffee holds a license as an exporter so we are able to support any demand from overseas. We also have shipped our coffee to Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia markets.

Let us know if we can work together

We are so excited to share great coffee from our hometown to any coffee enthusiasts in the world. Please let us know if you are interested in any collaboration with us.