Dedicated to build a sustainable coffee chain to empower local coffee farmers
Dedicated to build a sustainable coffee chain to empower local coffee farmers

Our Story

We keep learning about coffee trees, soil, varieties, and also fermentation. We always want to improve what we have, because we believe that coffee is not only a form of bitter and black, it should be something more than that. To experience the idea, we are here to keep exploring the coffee journey, process of changing the paradigm and judgement – still in the field of coffee. Every step that we take is to feel and share the experience from cherry to every sip of it.

We are currently partnering with local farmers in Flores – Indonesia. We are putting the coffee sustainability as our priority by sustaining supply, strengthening market demand, improving livelihood of our farmers while conserving nature through the entire process. We picked Manggarai region as the land to start the experience, and this has been wonderful, we work side by side with the farmers just to aim something simple, adding the value of coffee. We somehow still do not really understand what is coffee in the right form, because it keeps changing. So, we just want to enjoy the adding-value process and also experience every form of change, by being part of it.

Our Farmers

We are partnering with local farmers in Manggarai Region, Flores Island, Indonesia. We are providing processing infrastructure for the farmers so they do not have to care about their cost in processing their coffee. The farmers have mind-set that coffee is a simple commodity product that tastes bitter, but we want to change that into coffee is complex product that does not taste bitter at all, because it’s a fruit. 

So, we ask them to work together to unleash diamonds inside a simple product named coffee. By partnering with our company, the farmers can get fair price on every coffee that they pick, because we ultimately give them an access to serve their valuable product to the specialty coffee market.

Our Land

The coffee trees are grown organic in 1400-1700 masl in east side of Manggarai Region. Manggarai is considered as the most fertile area in Flores island. Flores Island is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province of Indonesia. The coffee trees are mostly surrounded by taro, yum and banana trees.

Our Coffee

We present only the best Flores Manggarai beans. We do control and process all the quality by our own hands to make sure only the best coffee that we deliver to you. In Flores-Manggarai, we separate the coffee from its varietal, processing method, even from spesific village and farmers, hence every bag you receive has its narrowest origin for spesific roasting and cupping experience. we also keep improving the flavor by experimenting in the fermentation variables.


We do control and process all the quality by our own hands to make sure only the best coffee that we deliver to you


Like most coffee processing in another region, we do fully-washed with dry hulled method. We keep the cherry skin for the first 12 hours in fermentation stage before washing the parchment, and this enhances its body and sweetness.


This is the most challenging method that we do, yet the most favourite process that our customers want. In this honey process, we separate black, red and yellow honey in order to experience the different intensity of its notes. Try it!


We do have to extra careful with this process, because of its high risk, but don't worry, We guarantee our natural process is still have clean and balance notes in your palate


Our robusta is naturally processed and specially grown around 1300m above sea level