Coffee Can Help You Strengthen Your Bones

For most people, coffee has a specific duty: to keep you awake. However, a new study found that coffee has another benefit, to strengthen your bones.

The University of Hong Kong researched 564 adults who enrolled in an osteoporosis study. They compared the bone density of those who drink coffee regularly and those who don’t. They found that people who took coffee regularly have higher bone density and lower risk of fracture.

A new study found that coffee can help to fight osteoporosis | Source:

Another research done in 2006 in Taiwan also showed a similar result. The study investigated the association of coffee consumption and bone mass density (BMD) by Li-Shin Hospital in Taoyuan City. 

Around 6.152 participants completed a questionnaire on coffee drinking habits and their lifestyles. In 2014, 5.077 of them were followed up and found that participants with medium to high coffee drinking have higher bone density.

It’s not the first time that coffee has been linked with some health benefits, such as lowering the chance of diabetes, cardiovascular problem and liver disease. 

However, that doesn’t mean that  you can drink coffee and do not pay attention to your health at all. Keep on working out, eat healthy, and add coffee to your diet.

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